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NJMET Purchase Order Quality Clauses

Revision: April 2024

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Clause - 001: Quality Management System Requirements



                        ISO 9001 Quality System Requirement: Supplier shall comply with QMS standard ISO 9001 “Quality System                               Requirements, “ and all other terms of this Purchase Order in the manufacture an/or delivery of the materials or                              services in this order.


              Clause -001B:

                       Certificate of Conference (C of C): The Supplier shall provide Certificate of Conformance with the delivery of the                        product setting that the requirements of the Purchase Order and Statement of Work (SOW

                       -when specified) have been fully met. There C of C shall be signed by the Quality Manager or General Manager.


Clause - 002A: Quality Flow-Down to Sub-Tier Suppliers

           The supplier’s Quality System shall assure all relevant Purchase Order requirements are flowed down to their sub-tier                    suppliers. The supplier’s sub-tier suppliers are responsible for complying with the same specifications and requirements                specified in this Purchase Order. There supplier shall flow down to the supply chain the applicable requirements including            customer requirements.


Clause - 002B: Requirement for the qualification of personnel

           The supplier’s Quality System shall assure all relevant Purchase Order requirements are met and all applicable processes              affecting the final quality of the product in the Purchase Order were rendered by qualified personnel.


Clause - 002C: Personnel Awareness

           Personnel shall be aware of:
                      - their contribution to product or service conformity.

                      - Their contribution to product safety.
                      - The importance of ethical behavior.


 Clause - 002D: Monitoring supplier performance

            Suppliers will be monitored for performance to Purchase Order quality and delivery requirements, 

            as items are received and validated by NJMET. Should a supplier fall below expectations, they will be

            notified, with formal corrective actions take (if requested).

Clause - 003: Product and Process Control and Quality Record Retention

          Supplier’s Product and Process Control and quality Records shall be retained at the supplies location a minimum of 10                   years from the date of shipment unless a longer retention period is herewith on the Purchase Order. The records shall be                 adequate to ascertain the quality level of production processes. This includes chemical and physical test results of Raw                 Material used in the manufacture of the item on this Purchase Order. Quality records shall be provided upon request from             NJMET.

Clause - 004:Government / Customer Inspection & (Right of Access / Entry)

           The Supplier shall reserve the right of entry for NJMET, NJMET customers and regulatory agency personnel, for access to            any and all facilities where work is being performed or is scheduled to be performed, including those facilities of                            Supplier’s sub-tier Suppliers, in order to perform inspections, inspection and access to applicable record, surveys or                      system surveillance as part of verification of conformance to the requirements.


          Supplier’s denial of access may result in disqualification of future procurement with NJMET. The Supplier shall include                the provisions of these facility access requirements in its POs with sub-tier Suppliers. This access shall provide, at no                     increase in price, cost, or fee to NJMET.

Clause - 005: Manufacturer’s Part Numbers

          If an item on this Purchase Order is controlled by a Manufacturer Part Number, it is the supplier’s responsibility to assure             that the “Manufacturer Part Number” meets all requirements of the latest manufacturer data sheet.

Clause - 005B: Requirement regarding the need for the supplier to notify NJMET on nonconforming product:

           Requirements exist relative to supplier notification to NJMET of nonconforming product, and arrangements for NJMET’s            approval of supplier nonconforming material.


Clause - 005C: Requirement regarding the need for the supplier to notify NJMET on supplier changes of product, suppliers & changes of manufacturing facility / locations:

          The supplier shall notify NJMET of changes in product and/or process, changes in suppliers, changes of manufacturing                 facility locations definition and, where required, shall obtain NJMET’s approval.

Clause - 006: No Changes without Approval

          Except for first time purchase, items furnished under this Purchase Order shall be identical in form, fit and function to a                 product previously accepted by NJMET. No component substitution is allowed without NJMET approval. Alternate or                   equivalent parts must be approved by Purchase Order amended prior to shipment and acceptance by NJMET Quality and               Purchasing Department.

Clause - 007: Prohibition of Pure Tin (Sa)

          The uses of Pure Tin-Plated finishes are strictly PROHIBITED. Any Tin (Sa) Plating or Solder processes shall contain NO           LESS than 3 percent LEAD (Pb) composition, unless specifically authorized in writing by NJMET. These restrictions                   apply for all types and levels of Procurements, with the supplier responsible for communicating these restrictions to                       manufacturers or sub-tier suppliers as required.

Clause - 008: Electrostatic Discharge Control (ESD Program-Quality

          For electrical and electronic parts susceptible to damage from Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) , the supplier is responsible to           establish and implement and EDS Control Program per the latest. Revision of or either MIL- STD-1686, EIA-625, ESD                 20.20 or better equivalent. The supplier shall take the necessary precautions to ensure that stain susceptible devices are                 adequately protected from ESD damage during manufacturing, yes, inspection, storage, packaging and shipping. Packaging           shall be marked with an ESD cautionary note or symbol.

Clause - 009: Requirements on Moisture Sensitive Devices

            Clause -009A: Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuit (PEM)-Level 1:
                       This PEM device has been identified as an MS Level 1. “Therefore, devices supplied under this purchase order                              shall be packaged IAW the latest revision of IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033.


           Clause -009B: Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuit (PEM)-Level 2-6

                      This PEM device has been identified as an MS Level range between 2 and 6. Therefore, devices supplied under                             this purchase order shall be packaged IAW the latest revision of IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033. The “Moisture-Sensitive                         Identification” (MSD) label and the “Caution” label as specified in JEDEC JEP113 shall be affixed to the outside                           surface of the moisture bag (MBB).

            Clause - 009C: Specialty Metal Clause Flow-down to Supplier

                       Reference: DFARS 252.225-7014, DFARS subpart 225.7002-2 and DFARS 225.872-1Ia) or (b)
                       DoD’s interpretation of this specialty metals clause is that if prohibits the contractor (including its
                       Suppliers at every tier) from incorporating into military parts, components, and/or item deliverables “specialty                                metals”(Identified in the clauses, including titanium and stainless steel) which have been melted outside the United                        States, its possessions, or Puerto Rico, unless certain limited exceptions set forth in the clause or DFARS Subpart                          225.872-1(a) or (b).


                       If a distributor or other sub tier supplier is the source of your material, ensure that the specialty metals clause                                  requirements have been flowed down. Also take the necessary steps to ensure that your supplier provides only                                specialty metals (such as titanium or stainless steel) that have been melted with the United States or a qualifying                            country, and if required, proper certifications are issued.

           Clause - 009D: Mercury-Free Certification (when applicable)

                      Supplies furnished under this contract shall or. Contamination shall be prevented by ensuring that the supplies                               during the manufacturing processes, test and inspections have not come in direct contact with mercury or any of its                       compounds, not with any mercury containing device employing a single boundary of containment.

          Clause - 009E: Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Program

                     The Supplier shall develop and maintain a Foreign Object Debris (FOD) prevention program to identify
                     and eliminate foreign object entrapment areas and paths through which foreign objects may migrate and cause                                product failure. The FOD program will include design, manufacturing, and process controls to
                     prevent FOD in deliverable items. The Supplier shall include periodic self-assessment of internal FOD prevention                          practices. Delivered material must be clean and free from any material/debris, such as
                     machined chips, burrs, grinding dust, framing materials, corrosion, oil and other foreign material on
                     surfaces to prevent FOD entrapment.

           Clause - 009F: Requirement on Segregation of lots:

                     The Supplier will not co-mingle different date codes or production lots, no combine resubmitted parts with new                              production parts. Parts may be submitted in one shipment provided the different date codes and lots are identified                          and segregated.

            Clause - 009G—Counterfeit Part Avoidance:

                      A.   The supplier shall have a counterfeit detection process for all electrical, electronic, and other electronic                                            component parts that meets the intent, as a minimum, of SAE standard AS5553, Counterfeit Electronic Parts,                                  Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition.

                      B.   Supplier shall flow down the requirements of this provision to its subcontractors and suppliers at any tier for                                  the performance of this contract.

                      C.   For all electrical, electronic, other electronic component parts delivered shall be from the Original Component                                Manufacturer (OCM) / Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

                      D.   In the event a part is not directly available from the OCM/OEM or franchised distributors, purchase from                                        independent distributors may be made but the evidence of supply chain traceability (chain of custody) back to                                the OCM/OEM shall be provided . The Certification shall clearly identify the name and location of all of the                                  supply chain intermediaries for the original manufacturer to the final source of the product delivered to NJMET                              Inc. Note: Distributors shall, in addition to the above, include their company’s certification(Certificate of                                        Conformance) for each part number shipped.

                      E.   If evidence of supply chain traceability (chain of custody) to the OCM.OEM is not available the supplier must                               notify NJMET Inc. immediately in writing and get authorization to purchase this product.

                      F.   Notification: Should supplier become aware of a confirmed counterfeit parts that, by any mean, have been or                                 have not been delivered to NJMET Inc., or acquired for this contract, notification shall be mad as soon as                                       possible but no later than seven (7) days of discovery to NJMET Buyer. The supplier should verify NJMET’s                                 receipt of this notification in writing. Confirmed counterfeit parts are expected to be reported to   the                                               Government Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) and applicable US Government investigative                                             authorities not later than 60 days.

                    G.   Confirmed counterfeit parts will be segregated from conforming parts and controlled until rendered unusable by                            physical destruction (for example, cutting of leads and mechanical mutilation).

                    H.   Supplier shall quarantine suspect counterfeit and/or suspect counterfeit parts and make these available for                                      investigation by appropriate government authorities.

                     I.   Suppliers shall be liable for all costs relating to the removal and replacement of Counterfeit components and the                             cost of rework or corrective action that may be required to remedy the use or inclusion of such parts.

Clause - 0010: Standard Sales Terms and Conditions

             Standard Sales Terms and Conditions are incorporated in this order by reference. The document may be found on                          NJMET’s website

Revision: April 2024

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